[nebulastudio-discuss] Eclipse IDE, tools, and Nebula Heirarchy Browser

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Mon May 10 23:37:42 PDT 2004

Hello Andre,

Andre Mikulec wrote:
> About two months ago I read a twiki article on something to the effect 
> of a Nebula IDE being written.  I remember the article saying that 
> Python was considered.
> Eclipse was thought to be a much better platform to create the IDE 
> because others (IBM) would be maintaining the IDE.  The idea is that 
> others (community) can write
> plug-ins for the Nebula Eclipse.
> About a month ago, I downloaded Java2SDK 141 and all the Eclipse zip 
> downloads and all the Eclipse PDF documentation.
> I have Eclipse 212 installed.  Currently I a making my way through the 
> first PDF (Plaform User - 528 pages.  I am on page 28).

We're currently using 3.0M8, 3.0 will be released fairly soon (late June).

Let me know how those PDFs are. :)  I've never read them, I just jumped 
in and started using things.

> So far so good.
> From what I have seen from the open-source community.  Eclipse is liked a 
> lot.  For instance, I JBoss plug-in exists.  A C/C++ CDT exists.  
> Mozilla is planning to write a plug-in.
> I have seen your (Bruce Mitchner) Junit Nebula Object Heirarchy (NOH) 
> Browser graphic file posted on the internet.  It looks pretty good so far.
> My question is as follows ...
> The toolset that Radon Labs CURRENTLY plans to allow free distribution, 
> will this be an Eclipse/Ecliplse/plug-in?

The Radon Labs tools are something that we should clarify a bit.

First, they're tools that belong to Radon Labs and they're planning to 
sell them.  They're great tools.  But at this point in time, they do a 
very different set of things than what Nebula Studio would.

> Bruce Mitchner,  can you make your Eclipse NOH Browser available to 
> others to develope upon?  If so, where, on the internet can it be found?

Sure.  I don't really have anything though that it is exciting.  What I 
have is a quickly modified copy of one of the sample plugins that has a 
tree view in it.  I modified the tree view code to instead pull its data 
from Nebula.

Until a number of other things happen, it isn't very interesting.  I'll 
post a short roadmap that covers what needs to happen in the first steps 

  - Bruce

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