[nebulastudio-discuss] Eclipse IDE, tools, and Nebula Heirarchy Browser

Andre Mikulec andre_mikulec at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 09:24:05 PDT 2004

All and Bruce Mitchner,

About two months ago I read a twiki article on something to the effect of a 
Nebula IDE being written.  I remember the article saying that Python was 
Eclipse was thought to be a much better platform to create the IDE because 
others (IBM) would be maintaining the IDE.  The idea is that others 
(community) can write
plug-ins for the Nebula Eclipse.

About a month ago, I downloaded Java2SDK 141 and all the Eclipse zip 
downloads and all the Eclipse PDF documentation.
I have Eclipse 212 installed.  Currently I a making my way through the first 
PDF (Plaform User - 528 pages.  I am on page 28).

So far so good.

>From what I have seen from the open-source community.  Eclipse is liked a 
lot.  For instance, I JBoss plug-in exists.  A C/C++ CDT exists.  Mozilla is 
planning to write a plug-in.

I have seen your (Bruce Mitchner) Junit Nebula Object Heirarchy (NOH) 
Browser graphic file posted on the internet.  It looks pretty good so far.

My question is as follows ...

The toolset that Radon Labs CURRENTLY plans to allow free distribution, will 
this be an Eclipse/Ecliplse/plug-in?

Bruce Mitchner,  can you make your Eclipse NOH Browser available to others 
to develope upon?  If so, where, on the internet can it be found?

Thanks so much.


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