[ENet-discuss] Different enet versions of server and client

Lee Salzman lsalzman1 at cox.net
Thu Jan 10 20:32:59 PST 2008

ENet 1.2 (what is basically CVS at the moment) basically is not compatible
with ENet 1.1. It is "superficially" protocol compatible in that 
connections might
work for a few moments, then disconnect/timeout at odd moments if you 
a 1.2 peer with a 1.1 peer.


Martin Sherburn wrote:
> I beleive the two are not compatible because of same changes to the 
> packet headers. So basically it won't work, enet 1.1 cannot communicate 
> with enet 1.0 
> (http://lists.cubik.org/pipermail/enet-discuss/2007-May/000677.html).
> I have a related question of my own though, there was some talk about 
> enet 1.2 a while ago. Will this version also break compatibility or not? 
> I'm hoping not...
> Martin.
> GUAN ZHI wrote:
>> Hi, all,  I have a question, If I use enet 1.1 for the server however 
>> the client keeps 1.0, will it lead to any mistake?  thanks

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