Lua for MUD development was Re: [vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

ceo ceo at
Wed Apr 27 18:25:40 PDT 2005

Brian Hook wrote:
 > It's basically a real language, not a "little language", that still
 > gets me out of the C++ ghetto that I so abhor.

What's wrong with C++ that bugs you so?

I've just got back the 2005 ACCU conference 
( so I'm in a pretty pro-C++ mood right 
now. One common thread amongst attendees (and the great and the good) 
was that C++ today is a very different real-world language than it was 
5-10 years ago, and the common experience is that many have failed to 
keep up with the changes.

Helpfully, there were a lot of good talks covering the latest movements 
in C#, and Java, and relating them back to the state-of-the-art in C++, 
or vice versa. Seemed most people at the conference were proficient in 
two of the three, with experts often focussing on all three, switching 
about from project to project.

I was lecturing on Security, so kind of bypassed all the language issues 
:P. Although I did get asked about buffer overflows, and just gave a big 
smile and said "what buffer overflows?" (oh, sorry - does your language 
still allow THAT outdated bug that's still, apparently, responsible for 
more than 50% of security exploits?).


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