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Thu Apr 28 06:38:42 PDT 2005

Thanks for that link to yet another conference (damn there are too many).

Perhaps at a tangent to what this list is about but I'm intrigued to
learn that the Process track had a leaning towards Agile development
practices.  Seems all sorts of places are taking bits and pieces from
that development methodology.

Going slightly back on topic, Kamaelia looks interesting.  It is based
around communicating sequential processes (CSP).  A (perhaps biased)
comparison with Twisted is available here:


On 4/28/05, ceo <ceo at> wrote:
> Brian Hook wrote:
> >
> > It's basically a real language, not a "little language", that still
> > gets me out of the C++ ghetto that I so abhor.
> >
> What's wrong with C++ that bugs you so?
> I've just got back the 2005 ACCU conference
> ( so I'm in a pretty pro-C++ mood right
> now. One common thread amongst attendees (and the great and the good)
> was that C++ today is a very different real-world language than it was
> 5-10 years ago, and the common experience is that many have failed to
> keep up with the changes.
> Helpfully, there were a lot of good talks covering the latest movements
> in C#, and Java, and relating them back to the state-of-the-art in C++,
> or vice versa. Seemed most people at the conference were proficient in
> two of the three, with experts often focussing on all three, switching
> about from project to project.
> I was lecturing on Security, so kind of bypassed all the language issues
> :P. Although I did get asked about buffer overflows, and just gave a big
> smile and said "what buffer overflows?" (oh, sorry - does your language
> still allow THAT outdated bug that's still, apparently, responsible for
> more than 50% of security exploits?).
> Adam
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