[vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Mike Shaver shaver at off.net
Thu Jan 22 17:43:18 PST 2004

On Jan 22, Brian Hook wrote:
> What about just linking it in a la the implementation used in GLCS?  
> That's what I'm really looking for.

I haven't looked at the GLCS setup, but the libjs.so and libjs.a are
also built (and the shell is linked against them).

I have RPMs of JS that I could update, I suppose.

> I gotta admit though, the Mozilla docs in general are so bad and out 
> of date and poorly organized that I've rather kind of given up on 
> anything to do with that project, except using the browser itself 
> which I like a lot.

The Mozilla-the-browser docs are pretty bad, yeah.  OK, they're a
disaster, but I understand that they're working to improve them.  The JS
engine's docs are pretty decent, though a _little_ out of date.

http://www.mozilla.org/js/ are those docs.

We should probably take more detailed JS-doc/impl/embedding questions
off-list, if you decide to go farther.  (I won't be personally offended
or anything if you don't go with Spidermonkey, it just sounded like you
might be avoiding something that could work well for you.)

> I was interested in using XPFE, for example, but could find almost no 
> documentation on it whatsoever.  I just threw up my hands and switched 
> to another toolkit.

http://www.xulplanet.com/, in case you care again in the future.


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