[vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Thu Jan 22 17:29:00 PST 2004

> Completely, utterly different JS engine.  The Mozilla JS engine
> doesn't have a ./configure build system -- it should, IMO, but I've
> never done it -- so it was disqualified from the GLCS.

I don't doubt it.

> The Mozilla JS shell is easy to build, though, so you can run
> whatever tests you like for timing.  (Or you can build the XPCOM-
> enabled shell, if you get some more Mozilla bits, for zero-
> generated-code glue between XPIDL-expressed C++ interfaces and JS.)

What about just linking it in a la the implementation used in GLCS?  
That's what I'm really looking for.

I gotta admit though, the Mozilla docs in general are so bad and out 
of date and poorly organized that I've rather kind of given up on 
anything to do with that project, except using the browser itself 
which I like a lot.

I was interested in using XPFE, for example, but could find almost no 
documentation on it whatsoever.  I just threw up my hands and switched 
to another toolkit.


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