[vworld-tech] DirectPlay for MMOG's

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Tue Jan 20 17:08:10 PST 2004

Brian Popp wrote:
> I have to disagree. I'm not using DirectPlay and don't really plan to,
> but as someone who is currently writing a UDP manager, all of those
> features sound VERY useful. While they may sound trivial, keep in mind

The key point I was making is that vague statements about simple 
theoretical features are (almost) useless in a domain where it is 
absolutely critical what precise algorithms and performance the system 

There are plenty of UDP-based systems that are FAR worse than TCP in 
*every* respect, yet were specifically written for games developers from 
the ground-up (usually *by* games developers...). I've even seen some 
like this that were (apparently) commercial.

Even Sun has *failed* to correctly implement 
random-backoff-and-retransmit in a major network protocol (RMI up until 
a few years ago...). This is a company with considerable expertise in 
networking (and a brand carefully associated with networked systems...).


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