[vworld-tech] Some resources for MMOG server development

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Sun Jan 18 01:33:19 PST 2004

Bruce Mitchener wrote:
> ceo wrote:
>> This page was originally started as a collection of extra information, 
>> ...
>> I'm looking for quality, and the *really useful* stuff that a skilled 
>> and diligent software engineer would want to use/read...comments, 
>> suggestions, and ESPECIALLY corrections (!) appreciated.
> For some target audiences, this recently released document from Brian 
> Hook might be useful:
> http://www.bookofhook.com/Article/GameDevelopment/MultiplayerProgramming.html 

Having finally got a chance to read through this, I'm not sure what to 
make of it; it comes across as being a sort of "multplayer programming 
101: the basic introduction". Most of the interesting stuff is glossed 
over; the advice is good (e.g. "Just don't bother using TCP, TCP + UDP 
hybrid, etc - use someone else's like ENet"), but with almost no 
explanation of why.

I'm not sure, but I suspect if I read it without knowing much about net 
programming, I wouldn't know whether to trust the author because there's 
too little reasoning. NB: I've read enough of Carmack's plan updates etc 
over the years to know that "ex-id" is not enough reason to trust 
someone to know what they're talking about; you may or may not get lucky.

Perhaps it's possible to do a longer (with some more reasoning, 
explanation of choices) version of this? However, I'm not sure it *is* 
possible without writing (yet another) game-networking book... :(


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