[vworld-tech] Some resources for MMOG server development

Jim Purbrick Jpurbrick at climax.co.uk
Mon Jan 19 04:02:26 PST 2004

My reviews:

Book Of Hook


Very good, concise introduction to what you need to consider when developing
a networked game. I think describing the best solution is fine, although
some links to pages describing why for the cynical would be good.

Adam's Page

Rambling collection of useful links (I have a number of these bookmarked
myself). Could do with being better organised to become more generally
useful. For example, a concise description of the topic then a list of
useful links with concise descriptions of why they're useful.

(and to expand the pool of resources we're discussing)

"Massively Multiplayer Game Development", Alexander, Editor, Charles River

Some very good articles on MMO development in here. The first 2 client-side
development articles were very good surveys of prediction techniques that
cover a lot of the research that I had to read dozens of papers to learn
while I was in academia. If only it had been written before we started our
MMO etc...

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