[vworld-tech] Some resources for MMOG server development

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Mon Jan 19 04:05:37 PST 2004

Jim Purbrick wrote:
> My reviews:
> Adam's Page
> (http://grexengine.com/sections/people/adam/gpg4/index.html#resources)
> Rambling collection of useful links (I have a number of these bookmarked

Any suggestions of what is well covered else where, and what perhaps is 
poorly covered elsewhere (...so is worth creating new overview / 
collection of resources for...) would be greatly appreciated...

My only excuse for the lack of structure right now is that I'm not sure 
what focus this page will end up with. Again, suggestions welcomed. My 
twin aims are to make a useful resource, and to discover new resources 
via reader suggestions that I'd not found before.

If I'm re-inventing a better resource elsewhere, I'll stop as soon as 
someone points it out to me :). The only exception is that MUD-DEV, 
Agora, etc are "too big" for most people, and I think there is value in 
something that is quite short, so you only need to scroll to a section 
and read a quick para to find what you need - as opposed to e.g. Agora 
where the cost for the great depth is extra time spent navigating and 
making precise choices on what you're after.

I'm also expecting to get a few emails once the book's published, and 
expect they will have some good new comments / corrections / ideas / 
resources etc.


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