[vworld-tech] Graphics engine question

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Fri Jan 16 08:03:43 PST 2004

Alex Chacha wrote:
> I am looking for a 3D graphics engines library, written in C++ for 
> direct X that will serve as a front end to my virtual world.  I have 
> been pushing off the grpahics engine as much as I could, but time will 
> come when I have to take the plunge.  My specialty is in writing quest 
> engines and magic systems and I have not had as much exposure to 3D 
> development other than college project long time ago (I can write an MFC 
> app that uses a directX surface, but why write an engine from scratch 
> when there may be a one already written).
> Seems getting an evaluation of one of the bigger commercial engines 
> (like gamebryo) requires a funded company, but to get funded VCs was to 
> see a demo... the old chicken and the egg problem.
> Any recommendations?

Others have already responded, and I'm somewhat biased, as I am one of 
the maintainers/developers of the Nebula Device, so I likely haven't 
much to add.

It would be great if someone (or multiple people) could take the time to 
take some of what they know and what's been said in this thread and use 
it to flesh out this section in Agora:


  - Bruce

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