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Fri Jan 16 01:02:29 PST 2004

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Subject: Re: DirectPlay Server and Handling Many Connections

> during DX8 and DX9 betas the DPlay Maze sample was used to hook up >1000
> simultaneous users.
> DPlay does provide a lot of benefits:
>         support for both peer-peer and client-server topologies,
>         address translation,
>         IPV6,
>         voice support,
>         lobby support,
>         PPC 2002 support,
> and thats beforre messaging features like:
>         1)Reliable and unreliable delivery of messages. Reliable messages
> will be resent until the target application receives them. You can assign
> the delivery type on a message-by-message basis.
>         2)Sequential and non-sequential delivery of messages. Sequential
> messages will be passed to the target application in the order they were
> sent.
>         3)Message fragmentation and reassembly. If message size exceeds
> capacity of a particular network, DirectPlay automatically fragments and
> reassembles the message.
>         4)Congestion control. DirectPlay automatically throttles your
> outgoing messages to a level that can be handled by the target. This
> prevents you from flooding the target with more messages than it can
> process.
>         5)Send prioritization. To ensure that the most important messages
> get sent first, DirectPlay enables you to designate messages as low,
> or high priority. The high priority messages are sent to the front of the
> output queue, followed by medium and low priority messages.
>         6)Message timeouts. To prevent the outgoing message queue from
> clogged with messages that have been superseded by more recent messages,
> DirectPlay enables you to assign a timeout value to all messages. When a
> message times out, it is removed from the outgoing message queue,
> of whether it has been sent or not.
> DP8 was a complete ground up rewrite, so much of the "internet collective
> knowledge" around DPlay is just plain wrong/outdated.
> overhead isnt that great, and it would take quite an effort to duplicate
> that on top of sockets.


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Subject: RE: [vworld-tech] DirectPlay for MMOG's

> > From: dienw (dienw at gamedevid.org)
> > Any possibilities for DirectPlay (9) being used as
> > the networking base for MMOG's?
> > Especially concerning the server side.

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