[vworld-tech] Database usage

Scott Jennings scottj at mythicentertainment.com
Wed Feb 11 12:19:38 PST 2004

>From a in-production MMO standpoint, we have begun to use SQL databases for
limited non-critical data storage (things like player market searches, data
dumps for designers, etc) that aren't particularly time sensitive. I would
be very leery about relying on a relational DB for all of an MMO's data

To my knowledge the only MMO that does this currently is SWG. They have
invested in some very heavy iron, both hardware and software, to make that
happen, and it has been a mixed bag for them in terms of performance. On the
other hand, the game design relies on a LOT of data storage, more than for
any MMO to date, and using a relational DB is probably the only way that
could have been carried off.

Scott Jennings
Mythic Entertainment

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Having worked with many commercial database management systems, I can assure
you that they are quite capable of handling information efficiently and

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