[vworld-tech] Database usage

Arcus arcus at seraphimstudios.com
Wed Feb 11 10:57:11 PST 2004

Having worked with many commercial database management systems, I can assure
you that they are quite capable of handling information efficiently and
quickly. To back this up, here is a link to some transaction counts for some
of the major commercial players:


Now, those are commercial systems and probably aren't going to be used by
someone developing a hobby game or free MUD, but it does indicate how viable
DB systems are for real time transaction processing. Most if not all major
commercial MMORPGs rely heavily on DB transactions and are typically running
off higher end databases and servers. Even scaling these numbers back will
provide very good transaction numbers for some of the cheaper DBs such as
Sql Server.

But as with all things, your mileage may vary. It is all going to come down
to the tasks you are trying to accomplish and the architecture you are
striving for. I think that the number of good solutions to the problem are
great and quite varied. But even the best solution is no good if you don't
have the resources to implement it. Anyway, I hope this has proven useful.



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