[vworld-tech] Technology Roadmap

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org
Sun Apr 4 13:09:20 PDT 2004

I think the best first step is to create a scenery store.

This is a large (ideally scalable) respository for 3D scenery and other game assets.

The first interface this needs is to a generic visualisation application, e.g. a 3D browser client.

This scenery store should be simultaneously accessible by multiple clients.

It also needs to communicate any changes to the scenery store to its attendant clients, and also enable those clients to make their changes or contributions.

Missing out many intermediate stages, this scenery store can eventually either remain solo (the classic server), or it can be synchronised with other scenery stores (via whatever mechanisms people fancy). However, right from the start the scenery store will have been designed with change in mind.

One can also make this scenery store active. Plug in a virtual machine and let the objects become autonomous agents.

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