[vworld-tech] Straw poll...what are people working on?

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Tue Dec 23 22:51:14 PST 2003

Lee wrote:
> Also, on pause while I work on the server, is a project to create a
> language for creating rule-based autonomous agents.  The hope is to
> create a tool for use in simulation of player/environment interaction
> as well as for use as NPC AI in virtual worlds.  It had its crude
> beginning as a school project and is written in CLOS.  I fear I do
> not have the skill to write efficient (read: it is slow) Lisp code so
> I want to convert it to C++ and extend it.

Have you considered looking at one of the faster Schemes that supposed a 
CLOS-like object system?

Chicken is fairly nice and is available under a liberal license:


I'd been thinking of embedding SISC into a Java server for some 


I'm used to a fully interpreted environment where I can change anything 
on the fly using Cold (www.cold.org) from years ago.  Lately, I've been 
doing stuff in Python, which is both nice and not so nice.  Plenty of 
things that I remember being really easy to deal with in Cold are a 
significant amount of pain in Python.

I half hope that perhaps embedding Scheme into Java might bring back a 
little bit of the joy.

  - Bruce

PS. This email is also a test of a change in the list configuration that 
may, hopefully, fix the footer-as-attachment problem.

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