[vworld-tech] Straw poll...what are people working on?

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Tue Dec 23 23:16:32 PST 2003

ceo wrote:
> I'm just wondering what kind of tech people on this list are working on 
> at the moment...

My current projects are largely idle while I try to ship a product at work.

But apart from that, I've slowly been writing a utility that 
autogenerates a JNI interface to the client side toolkit that I've been 
working with.  (It has a custom object system in C++, so the JNI 
auto-generator traverses the metadata from the object system and outputs 
the Java and C++ code required.)

The eventual goal here is to start working on some content 
creation/editing tools using the Eclipse framework 

Another side project that may grow in importance for me for various 
reasons is a tool (probably using the Hyades components in Eclipse: 
http://www.eclipse.org/hyades/) for doing event correlation and analysis 
based on log data.  I'd _love_ to hear about existing tools that do this 
sort of thing. I'm finding it a major pain to track down issues in 
software that is distributed over a cluster when something goes wrong in 
a bizarre way, although I'm doing the design work for this basec on the 
client side tools that I'm using because that's simpler and more 

  - Bruce

PS. Attempt #2 to fix the footer-as-attachment problem.  This doesn't 
happen for any other list that I run on this server.

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