[vworld-tech] Straw poll...what are people working on?

Lee teelf at ascendantmud.net
Tue Dec 23 13:58:47 PST 2003

On Tuesday, December 23, 2003 6:40 AM, ceo wrote:

> I'm just wondering what kind of tech people on this list are working on
> at the moment...

I am working on the server for a commerical text MUD venture called The
Seventh Sun.  The server has more of a monolithic design and is not a
virtual world creation language (maybe next time).  Almost all of the
framework is done for the database interface and networking.  We are
focusing on implementing the game logic now.  We hope to start beta in a few

Also, on pause while I work on the server, is a project to create a language
for creating rule-based autonomous agents.  The hope is to create a tool for
use in simulation of player/environment interaction as well as for use as
NPC AI in virtual worlds.  It had its crude beginning as a school project
and is written in CLOS.  I fear I do not have the skill to write efficient
(read: it is slow) Lisp code so I want to convert it to C++ and extend it.

- Lee Faris

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