[vworld-tech] DirectPlay for MMOG's

Patrick Dughi dughi at austin.rr.com
Sun Dec 21 17:07:06 PST 2003

> From: dienw (dienw at gamedevid.org) 
> Any possibilities for DirectPlay (9) being used as
> the networking base for MMOG's?
> Especially concerning the server side.
> If not, then how much is the approximate limit
> for DirectPlay. For example, it would be good enough for
> 100 connections, but degradating for more... etc etc.

	Actually, I was curious about this as well.  I haven't actually
sat down with much of the DirectX networking features to see how it
scales, and how I could integrate it with non-DirectX clients (such as
any *nix client) - or if this is even easily possible.  

	Is DirectPlay even actively used by commercial developers, or
does everyone (as I suspect) just end up rolling their own network
transport system?  

	I know it's just a network transport abstraction, but it's a
very specific network transport abstraction.  Can you get by without
having a DirectPlay enabled server on the other end?  Again, is it
possible to emulate DirectPlay features on a non-windows machine?  I
can't honestly believe that any existing MMOG really depends on Windows
NT/2000/2003 for its back end, though I suppose it's possible.

	Anyone out there with any info, please chime in - I'd love to



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