[vworld-tech] Some resources for MMOG server development

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Sat Dec 20 08:23:04 PST 2003

This page was originally started as a collection of extra information, 
resources, updated source code, etc for one of the gems in GPG4; over 
the course of 2003 it has started to grow into a more comprehensive 
collection of resources. NB it's very small at the moment :).


I'll be maintaining this pretty actively, but I'm only interested in 
really high-quality, perhaps hard-to-find, preferably authoritative, 
information. Casting the net much wider than that will quickly outgrow 
the medium of a single webpage (...and is what Wiki's are for, AFAICS :)).

I'm looking for quality, and the *really useful* stuff that a skilled 
and diligent software engineer would want to use/read...comments, 
suggestions, and ESPECIALLY corrections (!) appreciated.


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