[ENet-discuss] Questioning a server without connecting to it

Emmanuel Rivoire manu.n02 at laposte.net
Fri May 25 07:51:24 PDT 2012

At 19:55 25/05/2012, you wrote:
>In that case it sounds like the optimization chances are more at 
>your end, trying to aggregrate information. If overhead is larger 
>than the data, you're probably sending too little data. ;-)

Damn, I sweat my brain off to get the smallest data needed to go over 
the network, and got blamed for it..! ;-)

More seriously, I have to send 60 packets / second, coz sending only 
30 packets/s would mean to add 16.67ms of latency and that'd be bad 
for my game : it's a tennis game, it's very latency dependant ; for 
example, the ball can travel almost 1 meter during 16.67ms on the 
start of the service.
I did a lot of things to fight back the latency at the game level and 
network level, but the 1st thing is to have the smallest packet 
possible sent 60 times / second, thus my concerns about all optimizations. 

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