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I understand this. My question was more along the lines of whether the approach I have taken is acceptable to Lee, or whether he feels that it is important to include the actual licensing text. I have asked similar questions regarding other libraries with the same license and they have not had a problem with my text, so I just wanted to make sure in this case. I really don't like to bloat my software with legal disclaimers and licenses if I can help it, so I avoid the LGPL and BSD style licenses for instance.

Another thing I am pondering is whether the paragraph refers to the source code, or compiled object code as well.

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Philip Bennefall
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  When dealing with license text you must go literal with every single word. It says you must include the copyright notice _and_ the permission notice you are reading, so your approach is legally "incorrect". An easy way to solve this would be to just include a text file with both notices in your software package, e.g., "Enet.txt".

  On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 5:21 PM, Philip Bennefall <philip at blastbay.com> wrote:

    Hi Lee,

    I just had a quick question for you regarding the ENet license, to make sure I am doing things correctly. With the following statement:

    The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

    Do you refer to the source code, or must binary applications that use ENet include the license? Currently I have a statement like this in my documentation (including a link to the website):

    The ENet Project
    ENet is a rock solid layer on top of the UDP protocol, optimized especially for high-speed games. This is what BGT uses to provide its networking capabilities.

    Is this acceptable? Or am I required to add the full legal text? I much prefer the above notice to the complete license.


    Kind regards,

    Philip Bennefall

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