[ENet-discuss] Verifying no reliable packets left

Ruud van Gaal ruud at racer.nl
Thu May 7 01:25:30 PDT 2009

Thanks Lee, I'll try the clean way of just sending an ACK packet. I've also
implemented Mark Palkow's suggestion to check the peer list sizes, always
good to have available.

PS I get these mails only once a day; it seems like you're using some other
mechanism than regular email to reply/manage this list. Is there a server
somewhere where I can more interactively deal with this list?

> The most straightforward way is to have the client send an 
> acknowledgement packet back to the server after it has 
> received all the necessary data from the server. Then you 
> need to nothing more than wait for this acknowledgement 
> packet. You don't need to do anything tricky or with ENet 
> internals for this.
> Ruud van Gaal wrote:
> > Is there a function in ENet that will tell whether there are no 
> > reliable packets yet to be acknowledged? That way, if I call this 
> > function and it returns 0, I can assume that all setting 
> packets have 
> > arrived at the client, and I can start the game.

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