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@ "Is there a server somewhere where i can more interactively deal with this

You should get a membership reminder every once in a while, it has a link
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On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 9:25 AM, Ruud van Gaal <ruud at racer.nl> wrote:

> Thanks Lee, I'll try the clean way of just sending an ACK packet. I've also
> implemented Mark Palkow's suggestion to check the peer list sizes, always
> good to have available.
> Ruud
> PS I get these mails only once a day; it seems like you're using some other
> mechanism than regular email to reply/manage this list. Is there a server
> somewhere where I can more interactively deal with this list?
> > The most straightforward way is to have the client send an
> > acknowledgement packet back to the server after it has
> > received all the necessary data from the server. Then you
> > need to nothing more than wait for this acknowledgement
> > packet. You don't need to do anything tricky or with ENet
> > internals for this.
> >
> > Ruud van Gaal wrote:
> ...
> > > Is there a function in ENet that will tell whether there are no
> > > reliable packets yet to be acknowledged? That way, if I call this
> > > function and it returns 0, I can assume that all setting
> > packets have
> > > arrived at the client, and I can start the game.
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