Lua for MUD development was Re: [vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Brian Hook hook_l at
Wed Apr 27 09:01:51 PDT 2005

> Interestingly, what I've seen *in practice* of Python strongly
> suggests it shares the problems you cited of Lua (to a lesser
> degree) and is also mediocre performance-wise.

I haven't seen any really quantified performance issues,  The GCLS 
doesn't really count, and I rarely find that high level game logic 
consumes enough cycles to worry about.

What Python offers is "the things that I liked about Lua, but with 
fewer of the problems".  Specifically, more standardized/supported 
packages; less "roll your own" solutions to common language 
implementations such as exceptions, classes, etc; avoidance of the 
whole "reading an undeclared variable just works" problem; a 
debugger/editor environment; etc.

It's basically a real language, not a "little language", that still 
gets me out of the C++ ghetto that I so abhor.


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