Lua for MUD development was Re: [vworld-tech] Modern MUD serv erdesign

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at
Wed Apr 27 05:48:25 PDT 2005

> From: ceo
> Likewise, incidentally, trying to get conclusive reasons for 
> moving to 
> C# at the moment, so I can evaluate it seriously. Like 
> Python, it looks 
> good from the outside, but I've seen just enough nastiness to 
> be wary yet...

I must admit I was quite C# averse to start with, thinking of it like
plastic kiddie scissors, i.e. C++ made foolproof, and all the sharp corners
filed off.

I've just spent 6 months using it in anger, both for wrapping MFC DLLs and
producing a wagering engine (on top of MS SQL) with extensive use of
interfaces (a la COM).

It's flipping excellent.

At the very least it's ideal as a better way of writing COM modules and you
can just tell yourself "If this ever becomes performance critical it can be
rewritten in C++".

Just what the doctor ordered for the solo software engineer with too many
ideas and not enough time to implement them all.

Don't dabble. Dive in and discover for yourself that C# is C++ redesigned
for rapid application development.

But, again, like many simplifying veneers put on top of arcane technology,
C# is so approachable the old hands who can harness its power will be
greatly outnumbered by those coming to it as a first language or 'better

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