[vworld-tech] Python

Brian Hook hook_l at bookofhook.com
Tue Apr 26 20:58:53 PDT 2005

> We were using Python extensively on UO2 before it was cancelled,
> and the result at least _looked_ very elegant.  Unfortunately, the
> game never shipped and so my main concern at the time, that it
> might perform poorly under load, was never tested.

This is a legit concern, but for me I'm not worried about the scale of 
something like UO2.  If Python can handle

I know Eve Online used Stackless Python, but I don't even know what 
the hell that is, so I guess I should look into it =)

> My personal server-side scripting preference, lately, is
> Spidermonkey (the JavaScript implementation provided by
> mozilla.org), and I believe there was some discussion about it on
> this list last year.

Is this for _scripting_ or for server development?  I'm leaning away 
from "Scripting" and looking at using a language more for first order 
development as opposed to leaf scripts (e.g. monster "think" 


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