[vworld-tech] Python

Brian Crowder crowder at fiverocks.com
Tue Apr 26 19:45:41 PDT 2005

We were using Python extensively on UO2 before it was cancelled, and the 
result at least _looked_ very elegant.  Unfortunately, the game never 
shipped and so my main concern at the time, that it might perform poorly 
under load, was never tested.

Glyph Lefkowitz (one of the authors of twisted matrix) was also on that 
project, but I don't know if he subscribes to this list.  You might 
consider e-mailing him directly (his e-mail can be got from the twisted 

My personal server-side scripting preference, lately, is Spidermonkey 
(the JavaScript implementation provided by mozilla.org), and I believe 
there was some discussion about it on this list last year.

-- Brian

Brian Hook wrote:

>Anyone have experience doing a MUD server in Python, possibly using 
>Twisted Matrix for the network transport?

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