[vworld-tech] Modern MUD server design

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Jan 22 08:50:52 PST 2004

Brian Hook wrote:
>>Since you mentioned java on the client-side...have you used java
>>for server-side dev before? One of the powerful features is it's
>>flexibility with classes at runtime...
> I've used Java in the past, but I cannot emphasize enough how much I 
> dislike the language.  That's about all I'll say on THAT issue, we'll 
> call it a subjective thing =)

I used to feel this way as well.

But then we needed tools for Nebula and I learned about Eclipse 
(http://www.eclipse.org/) and saw that it was a great framework that 
gave us a lot to build on.

So, objectively, I've come to see a lot of value in Java and have even 
come to like it some.  It is definitely getting us further in creating 
tools than any alternative that I had seen, largely due to the excellent 
work by the Eclipse teams.  More on that some other day.

Now, if only I could get past this UnsatisfiedLinkError with some JNI 
stuff that appears to be a JVM bug...

  - Bruce

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