[vworld-tech] Graphics engine question

Ben Garney bgarney at purdue.edu
Tue Jan 20 17:10:00 PST 2004

Can you give examples of the restrictive parts of the license?

Brian Popp wrote:

>I've never used Nebula, but I completely agree regarding Torque. I've
>researched a lot of different engines looking for ideas and Torque is
>some of the best code I've found on many different levels (organization,
>OO design, commenting, etc.). The $100 for the source is probably the
>best money I've spent since I started working on my game. 
>My only problem with it is the license. It's very restricting. Don't
>even consider it if you want/have children because I think there's a
>clause in the EULA somewhere which gives GarageGames power of attorney
>over your first born. :)

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