[vworld-tech] [TECH][TOOLS] SCM systems

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Mon Jan 19 06:46:49 PST 2004

Ling Lo wrote:
> Vesta looks odd but I've yet to read the paper properly.  I particularly
> like the dependency checking and heavy caching.  They look like the sort of
> features which would be particularly handy for asset SCM's.  Dependencies
> are always (inhouse) tools specific, fresh rebuilds take hours and therefore
> branching the assets and rebuilding is not a most favoured option.  A
> Windows port anyway? ;)

Yes, the build-cache looks extremely nice, especially if you are used to 
a locking-based SCM, and tend to have many small classes rather than a 
few big ones. I also rather like the ease of compiling for multiple 
targets, and getting the benefits of the cache for it. So, e.g. a 
"weekly build" for all targets (e.g. different OS's) gets the full 
benefit of any recent compiles for each of the targets.

Incidentally, FYI recent (last 2 years) updates to java mean that in 
most respects there is no performance difference between many classes 
and few. e.g. method calls (even indirected through java interfaces) 
compile to the same native ASM as for "local object" methods. So for 
java, at least, many classes has no downside (assuming your IDE is good 
enough to make editing them no hassle ;)).


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