[vworld-tech] [TECH][TOOLS] SCM systems

Ling Lo Ling at argonaut.com
Mon Jan 19 04:53:12 PST 2004

ceo wrote on 16 January 2004 08:59:

> IIRC NXN's stuff was pretty good when I looked at it 3-4 years back -
> at least, it seemed to fulfil all the criteria I expected of such a
> product, even though intially I was surprised at how young it was
> (i.e. because most people were exclusively using in-house tools for
> decades). 

NxN's alienbrain has some way to go before gaining proper trust from its
users.  The main selling point is usability for the non-technical people
(non-technical in my opinion includes artists, regardless of the fact that
they use a complicated 3D modelling application).

Vesta looks odd but I've yet to read the paper properly.  I particularly
like the dependency checking and heavy caching.  They look like the sort of
features which would be particularly handy for asset SCM's.  Dependencies
are always (inhouse) tools specific, fresh rebuilds take hours and therefore
branching the assets and rebuilding is not a most favoured option.  A
Windows port anyway? ;)


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