[vworld-tech] [TECH][TOOLS] SCM systems

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Jan 15 22:49:22 PST 2004

Hey Adam,

ceo wrote:
> NB: probably not of interest to any individual-coders, but certainly 
> relevant to any dev-teams, especially if you're unsatisfied with CVS...
> ...
> I've been looking to replace PerForce with something that's a little 
> better (not CVS-based) and doesn't cost an arm, a leg, two fingers, an 
> ear, three ribs... (etc) per user ($750 per user is, IMHO, shockingly 
> high).

That rules out BitKeeper as well then.

> Since so many games-studios use PerForce, and many people on the MD list 
> have big corporate backgrounds I wondered if any have used Vesta, and 
> what they thought? We're playing with it right now, and hope to replace 
> our current RCS-derivative and some CVS's too with just Vesta...

Are you looking for something only for your own internal use?  Given 
that you provide licensable software, do you see needing to have your 
licensees using Vesta as well? Will the limited platform availability of 
Vesta matter for that?

Another big issue for the usage of revision control systems in an online 
game is one that prevents me from feeling entirely comfortable with 
pretty much every system for online game development that I've used or 
looked at:  None seem to provide a good content pipeline that integrates 
with a development and deployment plan.

Are you planning to use Vesta for that as well?  Or do you have some 
alternative system?

  - Bruce

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