[vworld-tech] Graphics engine question

Ben Garney bgarney at purdue.edu
Thu Jan 15 18:21:40 PST 2004

Alex Chacha wrote:

> I am looking for a 3D graphics engines library, written in C++ for 
> direct X that will serve as a front end to my virtual world.

> Any recommendations?
There are a variety of 3D graphics engines out there in the Open Source 
community, including Crystal Space and OGRE. I'm not sure how much stock 
I'd put in Crystal Space - I haven't seen any finished products with it. 
OGRE <http://www.ogre3d.org/> looks decent, but again - not very many 
finished products. The Nebula Device looks pretty good, too. 

If you're able to shell out the hundred bucks for a license, the Torque 
game engine, offered by GarageGames <http://www.garagegames.com> is 
worth a look. There are already quite a few projects working to develop 
MMO type games using it - one, GORPE, has made its source available to 
Torque licensees <http://www.gorpe.com>. Torque is proven - it was the 
engine behind most of Dynamix's 3d games, including Tribes and Tribes 2. 
There's also a great community of serious game developers on the GG forums.

Hope you can find an affordable engine that meets your needs ;)

Ben Garney.

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