[vworld-tech] Database usage

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Tue Feb 10 09:31:06 PST 2004

Brian Hook <hook_l at pyrogon.com> wrote on 10.02.2004, 18:32:34:
 > I've successfully started using PostgreSQL (sidenote: is that not like
 > the crappiest name EVER for ANYTHING?), but I'm doing it for pretty

I find it annoyingly tricky to pronounce, myself :(.

 > I haven't done anything with databases before (I have someone else
 > - how do others use the database?  How frequently is the DB hit?  I'm
 > - what kind of performance issues should I start stressing about?

I don't mean to be rude, but you're asking AOL-er questions here, and 
you know it.

If you're a newbie, why don't you attempt to do some basic learning to 
bring yourself up to speed, and then come back with better formed 
questions? You're a skilled, experienced, intelligent person, so I'm 
sure you could pick up the basics very fast, and then you could have a 
much more valuable discussion here...

At the very least, you are aware of resources such as Agora, MUD-DEV, 
etc, and the extent to which google indexes such. Someone asking similar 
questions on MUD-DEV would normally be told (as politely as possible) to 
go to google first, no?

This isn't the first set of such questions you've asked, and your lack 
of basic research has seriously hampered people's efforts to answer them 
(c.f. previously replies where people have had to question you 
extensively before being able to answer, and IIRC you were having 
trouble even understanding those questions...apologies if I'm 
mis-remembering). Fair enough to do it once, but if this is how you're 
going to do your learning in this area, perhaps it's going to waste a 
lot of your time.

Just a thought, and a friendly suggestion. Maybe you can't learn any 
other way than asking idiot questions first; I've certainly known other 
people like that. Myself, I learn best by experimenting with things, and 
then questioning other people in detail on how they solved things I've 
already solved; I learn a lot from the differences in our solutions.


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