[vworld-tech] VWorld Axioms

Crosbie Fitch crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org
Tue Apr 13 16:02:22 PDT 2004

> From: ceo
> The way I interpreted the comment was that "axioms of vw" is a 
> conversation best handled on MUD-DEV, then when it has come to some 
> conclusions and wants to start talking about "technology to 
> implement/support said axioms" it's more appropriate to move 
> back here.

It is possible that in order to better discuss technological issues impinging upon virtual worlds that one first defines the technological foundations underlying such virtual worlds. 

Would it not be sensible to keep that discussion in the same list as discusses technology built upon those foundations?

I am prepared to entertain such a proposition.

> My understanding of Bruce's intent with this list was to focus on 
> technology issues - in contrast to MUD-DEV's frequently philosophical 
> and psychological content - discussions on performance, design, 
> architecture, *hardware*, *software*, languages, coding-patterns, hard 
> implementation limits ("we've discovered we're saturating our 
> T-3, and are trying to think of a way of lowering BW usage"), etc etc etc.

There are discussions that relate to practice, to people's experiences in implementing technology, and there are discussions that relate to theory, people's ideas as to how to improve technology.

There are also discussions concerned with what should or shouldn't be discussed, with what a mailing list's charter is, in spite of a dearth of discussion, in spite of risking alienating those participants who dare contribute something they believe to be interesting and on-topic.

Perhaps if it is not patently clear to all that something is off-topic, that if in these times of sparse contribution, 'waffly' or 'whimsical prattling' posts can be given the benefit of the doubt?

If anything, posts accusing others of 'waffling' or 'whimsical prattling' should probably be deprecated.

I would be surprised if this mailing list is currently aiming for the same editorial standards as perhaps an editor might require for contributions to a book entitled 'Virtual World Technology Gems - I'.

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