[vworld-tech] Grid/Cluster technologies and MMO server architectures

Jeff Thompson mythrndr at mac.com
Tue Apr 13 11:53:38 PDT 2004

Has anyone looked into using Grid or Clustering technologies for use in 
MMO servers. I am aware of butterfly grid but didn't find much meat in 
their public documents. I'm currently looking at Globus and the LAM/MPI 

I'm particularly interested in:

1) fail over schemes for restarting processes and their data on a new 
server if the old one is crashed or being serviced (possibly via 
automatic checkpointing of processes)
2) schemes for distributing various common jobs such as object 
messaging based on local, chat systems, etc
3) any general thoughts from people who have looked into this

Looking forward to any thoughts.


Jeff Thompson
CTO, CodeTek Studios, Inc.

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