[vworld-tech] VWorld Axioms

Jim Purbrick Jpurbrick at climaxgroup.com
Tue Apr 13 10:08:30 PDT 2004

> From: Megan Fox
> I think Jim was referring to the axioms from a technical 
> pov, which in my opinion, is a perfectly good use of this list

Thank you.

> The listed example concepts weren't technical at all, though 
> - they were basic, whimsical prattling.

As I said, they were a straw man. A starting point. Shoot them down, invent
your own. Be as specific as you like.

> If you're going to get technical, that'd be nice, 

I don't intend to have a discussion with myself, nor lecture anyone.

> but I tend to agree that SNR is going to get worse if we start
> discussing how a virtual world must involve "non-player 
> characters doing undefined stuff" or "quests" and similar.

Just thought I'd try to kick off some interesting discussions before I gave
up on this list, which seemed pretty much dead.

Maybe a zero amplitude signal has a perfect SNR?

> On the other hand, discussing workable algorithms for 
> simulating what said NPCs are doing with other NPCs, and how to make said
AI scale 
> to the size of an MMORPG - that would be useful and technical.

Go for your life.

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