[vworld-tech] Big Tin?

Steven J. Owens puffmail at darksleep.com
Sun Apr 4 21:58:43 PDT 2004

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 07:08:38PM -0700, Brian Crowder wrote:
> This massive hardware costs money...  lots of money to buy, a fair 
> amount of money to maintain (you might have to pay maintenance on the 
> OS, too...  and some OS vendors like to charge for a license per CPU), 
> and lots of money to rent rack-space for.  If you can find a physically 
> (and financially) smaller solution, I'd suggest you do it.  I don't know 
> if the costs on these massive machines have started to scale better 
> recently, but if the hardware costs twice as much, and you can only 
> serve an additional 50% players per CPU, it simply isn't worth it.  It 
> probably isn't even worth it for 100% more players per CPU.  For a 300% 
> improvement?  Maybe.  :)

     Coincidentally enough, the March issue of InfoWorld has an
article, _Tapping Into Big Iron_, page 41, the "case study" sidebar
wher some Microsoft type cites a wintel server at about $2 per MIP
while a mainframe is about $2000 per MIP.  Of course, it's a microsoft
marketing type, so who knows where he pulled those numbers from.  From
what I recall in my brushes with big iron, you can't even sit down at
the table without being ready to spend in the millions.

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