[vworld-tech] Ultimate MMO Platform

ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Sun Apr 4 09:17:08 PDT 2004

Crosbie Fitch wrote:
 >>From: Megan Fox
 >>So where's the rub?
 > Imposing a requirement for 'user-scalable securities' on the design 
from day one is like imposing a requirement for royalty collection on 
the design of a file sharing system.

That would have been a very sensible way of keeping Napster in business, 
and would have cost them very little dev time. It's not particularly 
onerous (witness the considerable number of other startups sprungup with 
royalty compatibility who wrote their entire system in under 4 months).

 > While you're bashing your head against a brick wall, someone else 
ignores the brick wall, routes around it and just flipping does it.

Alternatively, it's almost impossible to add later. Especially if it's 
to do with security, which is like thread-safety: either you build it in 
from the start, or never include it because it's going to cost you far 
far too much to add it retroactively. Been there, done that, was glad 
never to work for that manager ever again.

But...I'm one of the critics who thinks you're being very naive about 
large swathes of this, and allowing your optimism and evangelism to 
override your common sense and excuse you from being diligent. So, you 
might want to ignore me :) as one of the "unbelievers". Just my 2 cents 

Sorry I don't have time to supply a blow-by-blow list of concerns - but 
I think Crosbie already knows most of what I would say :) so it probably 
wouldn't be helpful anyway. I do have somewhere a blow-by-blow analysis 
I did of the whole series of GS articles and followup statements by CF, 
but it is blunt and I wouldn't want to post it without spending several 
hours making sure it didn't come across as offensive.


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