[vworld-tech] Ultimate MMO Platform

Megan Fox shalinor at circustent.us
Sun Apr 4 09:43:29 PDT 2004

> If you're like me and feel that ' "Solid business" is
> irrelevant', well, great let's get cracking. However, if you
> don't feel that way, then I think the headaches will kill the
> system before it leaves the drawing board.

I believe that the system proposed is well beyond something that can be
designed in one go, that it must be built up to, and that these layered
builds will (up to a certain point) be useful for BOTH commercial and
non-commercial applications.

So, given that, we might as well start with those versions of the system
which are commercially viable.

(but I'm also not of the mind that the distributed server model isn't
entirely relevant to the rest of the design - it doesn't affect the game, it
just affects how the game is served, something which should be abstracted
from and transparent to the game.  The "ultimate" platform is one where you
can yoink out the distributed server model, replace it with a single-server
or server-farm model, and all the same game and logic code remains intact
with no modification, thereby making any advances in a freely-avaible
cyberspace code applicable to the closed-loop server farms.  This allows
commercial entities to take advantage of the cyberspace advances, even if
their development cycles don't allow for them to design such things

-Megan Fox

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