[vworld-tech] Ultimate MMO Platform

Megan Fox shalinor at circustent.us
Sat Apr 3 21:49:15 PST 2004

> Something I've concluded about a 'public cyberspace' is that it's
> not the technology that's a problem, the problem is that it's a
> proposition with a severe 'business case' deficit. However, it's
> not that "It's impossible to retain control of the system and
> thus make money" it's that "Why would anyone want to produce a
> system, if one can't make money out of it?"
> Why would anyone want to create the Web if no-one can control it
> and charge for access?
> In spite of the lack of a business case, somehow these ludicrous
> things happen.
> It just needs the right person(s) to be in the right place at the
> right time and have the right resources.

While I have little to add on the rest, either for or against your concept,
I do have to agree with at least this.  Whether or not something is "solid
business" is irrelevant for concepts like this... someone will eventually
try it just for the sake of trying it.  It happens with EVERYTHING - if it
can be done, it will eventually be done, on at least a smaller testbed basis
(eg. A dorm of CS majors creating a virtual dorm cyberspace to share pron
and shoot at eachother, or similar).

The question is more "when it's done, will it be entertaining enough to
grow"?  Will people decide they like this new virtual space and cause it to
grow, as the Net has done?  I couldn't have concieved of something like the
internet as a kid, it just wasn't something I thought people would do - I
suspect cyberspace is another such concept.  However, this is irrelevant
rambling at this point, as we're not there yet, and such rambling does
nothing to affect the possible creation of such a thing.

-Megan Fox

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