[vworld-tech] Straw poll...what are people working on?

dienw dienw at gamedevid.org
Mon Dec 29 18:29:20 PST 2003

>> My approach to an MMOG is I think a little difference than most MMOG 
>> that
>> are currently out there.  It "seems" that most MMOG run on one massive
>> server. (Maybe I'm wrong here)

>At least in my experience, your MMOG architecture is similar to many of 
>those out there.

It's been used with many online games!
It's a main/key issue of designing onlne game.

And we've founded it a long long time ago and named it 'load balancing'.


It is very common to separate the game world server from the
rest of the server like front-end/account/login and database.

For the game world itself, it is common to cluster,
easily some game servers running separate but exact game worlds.
Or grid system, which each server will handle a portion of worlds,
so you can move from one server to another server physicaly...


The unique of your idea is only in a very different view of balancing.
You balance it in somewhat more detail level, separating different NPC or
even Weather..., or maybe you could make Quests Server,
Battle Server (to simulate battle calc), etc.
Not common.. usually we keep it as a whole..

I just comment.. interesting.. my technical feeling feels
resistant about it, doubt for scalability, integrity,
and communications among servers.. seems more complex (and
maybe overhead internal communications).
And..  as other has said, it's specific for MMORPG.

Just for your consideration why many architecture usually would
implement above a more generic 'load-balanced' architecture,
which common being used everywhere, not just games, but also
basic concept for networked enterprise application.


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