[nebulastudio-discuss] XML descriptions of Nebula classes to provide better wrappers and editor integration

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu May 13 07:11:40 PDT 2004

Bruce Mitchener wrote:
> A straw man proposal for the above in XML:
> <class name="nGfxServer2" parent="nRoot" package="gfx2">
>   ... lots snipped ...
> </class>
> This leaves out:
>   * Leaf's point about begin/add/end type setters.
>   * Semantic types of properties.
>   * Any hints about editor display.
>   * Probably other stuff as well.

Given that 3 days have passed without comments, I'm going to assume that 
that is a sign of general (perhaps overwhelming) approval.

I'll need to consider (and likely just decide in the absence of 
feedback) where these XML files should go within the source tree, but 
expect to see this stuff start to land in CVS before Monday.  I may not 
deel with begin/add/end type setters in my initial pass as I haven't any 
great ideas yet on how to handle them.

If anyone has comments that would drastically change things, I recommend 
making them within the next 12 hours.

After that:

    * Initial XML files have to be written for all classes in
    * nwrapper has to be rewritten to use this data.
    * Prepare a new org.nebuladevice.engine plugin and fragment.
    * Can finally start on an actual NOH viewer.

  - Bruce

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