[nebulastudio-discuss] XML descriptions of Nebula classes to provide better wrappers and editor integration

Vadim Macagon vadim at steelronin.com
Thu May 6 04:15:18 PDT 2004

Leaf Garland wrote:
> On Wed, 5 May 2004, Vadim Macagon wrote:
>>Yes. I've thought about using XML for the next generation of a class
>>builder. The problem is since the XML is an intermidiate format where do
>>we store the C++ code that actually implements the script commands?
>>Generating empty shells isn't going to be good enough since that's what
>>the existing class builder does and when you want to add a new script
>>command later on it's the same old copy pasting again. Could the C++
>>code be stored in the XML?
>>>   * Should we move docs out of the _cmds.cc files in favor of putting
>>>     it here and letting autodoc.py use this information?
>>Err, well if we start using XML could store the docs anywhere...
>>actually the same stuff as I said about for the C++ code applies to the docs
> I don't think it would be a good idea to have the code only in XML files.
> Not everybody is going to want to use tools to edit/write cmds and having
> to write code in the middle of an XML file is pants. 

I thought we're talking about Nebula Studio here, which does all the 
tedious crap for you :). Hacking an XML file is certainly pants, and I 
wouldn't expect anyone to do it.

 > If we had round-trip
> tools, something that could take a cmds.cc file and produce XML and
> something that can take XML and produce cmds.cc then that might work. We
> might need to change the format of the cmds.cc files but that's to be
> expected.

Yea, I pondered this approach. But the cmds.cc will need to be formated 
in some special way with fancy comments or something, and I'm not sure 
that's any less tedious than hacking at the XML directly. *shrug*

-+ enlight +-

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