[nebulastudio-discuss] Eclipse plugin

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Wed May 5 23:21:02 PDT 2004

I've uploaded 2 of the directories out of my Eclipse workspace and put 
them at:


What are they?  They are a plugin and a corresponding fragment for 
loading and using the Nebula Java bindings from within Eclipse.

    * org.nebuladevice.engine: Java classes and files that provide
      the JNI methods.
    * org.nebuladevice.engine_win32: The fragment that contains the
      Windows-specific DLL containing the Nebula and JNI code.

By using a fragment like that, we'll be able to have a single plugin 
with per-platform fragments.

To use this, you should be able to import them into your workspace 
however you like and then have your plugin that has actual UI depend on 
them.  I will upload a sample UI plugin in a couple of days once I have 
something more interesting than what I currently have. :)

The Java code is pretty much exactly what nwrapper does in CVS now 
except that I've added a static code block by hand to nRoot that will 
load the nebula2java DLL.  This prevents every plugin from having to 
load the library itself.  I'll finish up some nwrapper changes and check 
them in within a day or so that will have the auto-generated sources 
come with that same static code block.

Let us know if you start to do anything interesting with this!

  - Bruce

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