[nebulastudio-discuss] Status

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Mon Jun 7 22:30:43 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've had a deadline with work that has kept me busy for the last couple 
of weeks without much break.  But we're about to ship a beta and things 
will quiet down again and I'll have time for this again.

DarkDragon (Ivan) has done some further work and had a render window up 
and running, including with the GUI and (I think) input working with it.

I'm hoping that he posts some code soon.  Later this week, I plan to get 
the new Python-based nwrapper into CVS and finish up some stuff for 
letting Nebula objects be created and destroyed from Java.  With that, 
the next steps should be:

    * Render loop integration as I discussed in a previous email.
    * Property data to be read in by the Python-driven nwrapper for
      providing access to property metadata from Java.

Also, Eclipse.org has released 3.0RC1 and is moving steadily towards 
doing the official 3.0 release (later this month, I think).  I've heard 
that performance has improved significantly since M8 (especially in M9).

  - Bruce

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