[ENet-discuss] enet 1.3.6 dll for .net

James Bellinger james at illusorystudios.com
Tue Feb 26 08:36:14 PST 2013

With either referenceCount or freeCallback, how are you differentiating 
disconnection from acknowledge?
For example, enet_peer_disconnect (Peer.Disconnect) calls 

As a general thought:

I wonder if it'd be useful to have a 'delivered count' on the packet itself.

What is the specific use both of you get from knowing if a packet has 
been delivered though?
I've not needed it myself, since if it's delivered, the protocol 
continues, and if it's not delivered, well,
reliable delivery will eventually either deliver it or the remote party 
will disconnect, so I don't have
to pay attention to this.


I don't see ENet setting the packet freeCallback anywhere. I believe 
it's unrelated to the malloc/free.
The wrapper I made is thin and low level for speed, so I don't 
encapsulate enet_host_service in any special way.

BS Flasher:

Yes, I can make a method to let you get a callback on free. That is no 
I want to make sure the methods I add to the C# library are useful, 
since once it's part
of the library, I don't want to ever remove it, because that would 
breaks people's software.
So let's figure out the best way and then add it.


On 2/26/2013 12:52 AM, BS Flasher wrote:
> Thanks James,
> I think you are right. Just, think I have an important packet. If I
> send it, (regard to your notes) then there is no way to see that
> packet is receive or not !
> I mean, in both cases (lost connection or we got acknowledge) the
> packet will destroy. Then we never know that the packet is received or
> not received.
> Is that true? You mean there is no way?

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