[ENet-discuss] problem creating enet host

Martin Zemblowski martin at bigheadgames.co.uk
Tue Sep 18 07:37:07 PDT 2012

I am using enet library in conjunction with gamespy. I use gamespy to 
create socket, connect to lobby, select opponent and do the NAT 
punch-through. In next step I close gamespy socket, initialize enet 
library and try to create enet host with same port (in my case I pass ip 
as empty string) and then start connection to other party. It works, but 
not always. I am using three computers right now: pc vista, pc xp and 
mac osx 10.7.4. On mac sometimes (not always) I cannot create enet host 
(even if i try to create host with different ports, 100 retries), here's 
the code:

retries = 101;
enet_address_set_host (&enet.gAddress, ip);
do    {
     enet.gAddress.port = port;
     enet.gHost = enet_host_create (&enet.gAddress , 1 , 2, 0 ,0 );

     if (enet.gHost == NULL)
         printf ( "An error occurred while trying to create an ENet 
         port++; // HACK
         printf( "host created.\n");
     } while (enet.gHost == NULL && (--retries > 0));

Any ideas?
Thank you!

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